Sunday, March 26, 2017

Best Served Cold Preview

The sequel to What The Chat Dragged In is finally here! So what's up with Seth and Martie? Check out the preview of the first few chapters to find out.

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The Next Best Thing To Himmel

Himmel, the town where my Goode-Grace mysteries takes place, is a figment of my imagination. Well, mostly.

While there is no town with that name in Northwest Ohio, there is a town named Bryan that has a whole lot in common with my fictional community. Most noticeable the Courthouse Square. Here's the Bryan Courthouse.

Yes, there's a lovely park in front of the courthouse.

Though, the over-friendly squirrels are based on my time going to school in Bowling Green, Ohio. But, I'll bet Bryan has its share of the little beggars as well.

And, there's a lovely little downtown movie theater, too.

These pictures are courtesy of my cousin, Carol. She happens to own an educational supply store right on the square. A lot of the businesses in my mysteries have real-life counterparts on the square.

I hope to bring you more pictures of them later.